Platinum International Business Solutions, Inc.

Platinum International Business Solutions, Inc.

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Core Values

Ethics, Excellence, Integrity

Platinum is a leading service provider which has the reputation for ‘getting the job right the first time’! We contribute to our clients’ successes by offering tailored business, accounting and administrative solutions.

The Platinum Advantage

  • A cost-effective and flexible alternative to establishing a fully staffed operation in Barbados.
  • Eliminates office set-up costs and drastically reduces operating costs.
  • Shortens the learning curve for operating in a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Functional role as proficient business advisers with management oversight.
  • Works with clients to ensure compliance requirements are maintained.
  • Executes the tax plan and business strategy.
  • Strong focus on Central Management & Control.
  • Value added service based on our varied experience.
  • Well-connected to local service providers, Government agencies and strategic partners.

Value-Added ‘Central Management and Control’ Approach

Our experience gained in serving the international business sector for more than 25 years has generated effective management reporting techniques to enhance value added centra management and control.


  • Strategic decisions of the directors are made in Barbados.
  • Directors meetings held in Barbados.
  • Effective control and authority of the Barbados-resident directors/composition of Board.
  • Effective and ongoing reporting to facilitate the decision making process.
  • Promote contemporaneous documents to support transactions.
  • Maintenance of financial and corporate records in Barbados.
  • Appointment of local auditors and legal counsel.
  • Acceptable remuneration of Barbados directors.

This reporting/decision-making framework is fundamental to the “central management and control” test.

Responsive Accounting and Administrative Services

Platinum’s professional team provides a “one-stop” range of financial and administrative services to international business clients to get the job done right promptly and accurately. We provide:

  • Customised, reporting systems that are fundamental to good corporate governance.
  • Financial and investment accounting, book-keeping, and full reporting requirements.
  • Presentation of financial statements at Board meetings.
  • Oversight of the audit process.
  • Preparation and filing of statutory documents.
  • Assistance with the establishment of bank accounts.
  • Managing relationships/transactions with banking institutions.
  • Specialised or general administrative services, maintenance of records/files.
  • Payroll services.
  • Completing statutory and corporate governance requirements.
  • Directorship services.
  • Provision of other qualified and experienced local directors.
  • Planning of Directors’ and Shareholders’ meetings and preparation of meeting binders.
  • Provision of Registered office.